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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lesbian Relationship in Battlestar Galactica

What's this? This isn't gaming news! Well sometimes you have to go with the flow, sometimes you have to go with an exclusive and we've got one for you. A little bird tells us that the 'rumored' lesbian content in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica Razor is true. Yes ladies apparently their are dykes in space and particularly on the Pegasus.

We don't want to spoiler this news by giving you details (yes we know who they are). Suffice to say one of them is who you might expect (and no needless to say it isn't Kara Thrace, even though she's a screamer) and the other explains a whole lot of backstory. Battlestar Razor screens in the US November 24 on SciFi and from Nov 12 at various cinemas across the country--as part of a marketing tie-in with Microsoft title Mass Effect for the Xbox 360. Ahh there, we managed to link it to gaming afterall. Battlestar Razor is out on R1 DVD Dec 4.


Lori said...

This is getting me totally hyped! I can't wait to see this. And the fact it may have lesbos in it. YAY!
Bring it onnnnnnnn.

Iteki said...

Seen it ;)

Another gaming tie-in is that Katee Sackhoff voices a marine in Halo 3.

GirlyG said...

I just wrote about this over on the lesbiangamer forums. The lesbian subtext of Razor was really cool, because it just was and it wasn't a big deal. I won't say anything else here since these are public comments, but there is a spoiler thread on the forums now for BSG Razor.